Indulge the senses

No other way to put it, Tokyo is weird. It's strange. It's fascinating. There's never a dull moment. On the surface it seems like a regular city, all skyscrapers and busy streets, but below that facade lurks a deep sense of the bizarre and the surprising, from themed cafes to tiny retro gaming dives, niche bars and amazing little shops you'd never expect to find.

Think about it: restaurants themed like Alice in Wonderland, multi-story amusement arcades, capsule hotels, toilets which talk and even a shrine where you can get your gaming console blessed.

It’s one super cool city which people often mistake as being buttoned-down and all business. Nothing could be further from the truth. Across its 23 central city wards you’ll unearth a world of pure pleasure. Sure you could just tick the boxes and visit the shrines, popular hotspots, parks and shopping centres - but Tokyo is a city that rewards those who explore further, we’ve suggested a few curiosities for those who want to delve further …